SPECIAL ITEM – The Estimating Package #2

$101.78 $89.99

The Estimating Package #2 includes:

  • The Blend Stick™
  • The Tape Thing™ Caddy Combo with 1″ or 2″ Tape Thing™
  • MarkSafe™ Arrows Multi-Colored 3 pack


SALE $89.99 (RETAIL $101.78)

The Blend Stick™ – There are times when it is difficult to explain the need to blend adjacent panels to customers and insurance companies. The Blend Stick™ is designed to guide estimators and insurers through the process of properly assigning blend times to collision repairs. The stick has calculations to aide estimators in properly sizing the final repair area and determining if there is sufficient room left to blend within the damaged panel. This tool will set a standard for shops and insurers to fairly and accurately assign blend times to all repairs.

The Tape Thing™ Caddy Combo is The Tape Thing™ Caddy bundled with one of The Tape Things. Shops throw away thousands of dollars in time and money on lost, damaged or otherwise misplaced tape. The Tape Thing is a NEW, exciting, patented MAGNETIC tool that sticks tape to booth walls, prep carts, tool boxes, or any other metal surfaces. Tape spools off easily from your hand too! Use this in conjunction with our NEW product The Tape Caddy and keep everything a paint tech uses directly on the hip. Use this and other Collision Edge products to improve your shop today!

MarkSafe™ Estimating arrows are designed to safely mark any vehicle surface. The arrows are purpose built for collision center estimate mapping and photo documentation. They are individually sectioned on the roll and cut from EZ release vinyl. They also slip easily onto The Tape Thing for convenient dispensing from The Tape Thing Caddy. Collision edge will also make available at no additional cost a customization Mapping Standard SOP template to take shop communication to the next level.  Rolls come in 3 different colors (Green, Red, or Yellow) with 150 arrows per roll.



Additional information

The Tape Thing Size

1", 2"


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