COVID Decon Cling



Introducing the COVID Cling by Collision Edge SHOPFX

  • 25  Pack – $24.99 ($1.00 each)
  • 50 Pack – $44.99 ($0.90 each)
  • 100 Pack – $74.99 ($0.75 each)

SHOW YOUR CUSTOMERS THAT THEIR SAFETY & HEALTH ARE FIRST!  We want to help you get back up and running FAST while addressing COVID-19 concerns.  This 6” x 6” Window COVID Cling label is designed to help protect the owner, the employee and the customer.  With new guidelines & labor required to clean & sanitize, Collision Edge wants to assist you by documenting the full process from inbound drop-off to outbound customer release all while providing the customer a VISUAL that shows YOU care about their safety & health.

Per CDC guidelines, before a vehicle is properly disinfected it must be cleaned to be free of debris, dust, grime, etc.  In ANY areas employees/customers touch, it is crucial to complete both processes on the inside and outside of the vehicle.  The COVID Cling Decontamination Label helps track those processes per customer as well as document the labor required.  Most insurance companies are offering a flat rate, but we all know that vehicles come in various levels of cleanliness.  By tracking labor hours, the body shop owner can now determine whether to offer additional cleaning required as a discount, charge the customer, OR submit a supplement to an insurance partner.

The label also has quick QR code access to the CDC guidelines and an EPA  “approved” surface disinfectant list that are updated daily.  We encourage everyone to keep up with the changing guidelines by checking those frequently.

As always, Collision Edge want to help you!  Check out any of our other products designed to save you money!  If you are interested in help with VISUAL controls on the floor or walls  of your shop, give us a call or email us at [email protected].

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25-PACK ($1.00 each), 50-PACK ($0.90 each), 100-PACK ($0.75 each)


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