We have all likely been in a situation where we were in a hurry and grabbed the nearest tool or object to get the job done, even though it was not the proper tool needed. How many of us have tried to make something work and ended up with a worse situation? A wrench instead of a hammer, a flathead screwdriver instead of a philips, a pocket knife for a box cutter. Taking the time to find the right tool for the job is a game-changer. My dad always said “you need to the tool… the right person for the right job. You do not go to the train station to catch a bus do you?”

At Collision Edge this is our purpose, to develop and create tools for the automotive paint industry that are the “RIGHT” Tools. Whether it is the “Tape Thing™”, “The Blend Stick™”, “DENT Viewer” we are striving to provide the best tool for the job.