We have 2 questions for tape users.

  1. What if you could finally cut a clean tape end without having to trim it square with a razor blade?

  2. What if your bulky tape edge rolling tool was 90% smaller and could be within reach all day long with zero steps to the masking paper tree?

The Tape Thing Caddy Super pack is our best value for painters. The Tape Thing Caddy Super Pack is available as an all-inclusive kit including 1 of each of the following:

  • The Tape Thing Caddy
  • The Tape Thing 3/4” 
  • The Tape Thing 1 1/2″
  • The Tape Thing Cut-n-Roll attachment

The items in this kit bought separately would be $54.99. Our special price on this kit is $49.99.

There is no risk to you. The Tape Thing Caddy Super Pack is covered by our personal 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. This means that If you are not 100% satisfied with our product we will refund your money with a returned product..


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