Introducing THE DENT VIEWER MD!  The Dent Viewer has proven to be an awesome product to help both shop and insurers see all the damage on a panel in photos. Collision Edge is proud to release The Dent Viewer MD. The MD is a freestanding (feet are removable), two Sided, lightweight board with the same premium reflective film as its little sister, The Dent Viewer and Big Brother The Dent Viewer XL. The reflective film uses the camera flash to cast a grid over your damaged panel showing 100% of the damage. This larger version will capture a larger area of damage and is perfect to sit in your blue printing bay.  It is also small enough to sit by your office door.  Use The Dent Viewer MD for “walk arounds” to identify all previous damage to customer’s cars at drop off.

We have introduced several new products. Check out “The Tape Caddy“. Everything you use to prep a car is now at your fingertips!