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Body Shop Material Profits

February 10th, 2020|Categories: Auto Refinish|

Do you struggle with Body Shop Material Profit? We hope these 4 steps will help. Step 1 - Body Shop Material Profits - S.O.P. and Creation of the A.P.L. Work with Your technicians to create an SOP for common operations performed inside your shop. Operations like panel preparation, Plastic Filler [...]

Replace Your Windows With Doors

July 5th, 2019|Categories: News|

I’m a Rabid Chick Fil A fan. My wife started her Career there at the home office so I’ve watched this company grow into its own skin. Truett Cathy was a visionary, The business and the people are hyper-focused on customer service. Which leads me to my story. Chick fil [...]

Keep It Simple

July 3rd, 2019|Categories: News|

Process is a lot like a Rooster. One can draw a diagram of how to lay an egg, but the rooster isn't equipped or even interested in executing on your command. It's easy to dream up a set of circumstances where the problem at hand will be completely solved forever. [...]

Deep Roots Grow From Bitter Weeds

June 10th, 2019|Categories: Miscellaneous|

You've probably never heard of Bitter Weed. Growing up on a little cow farm in south Atlanta, I learned about them early. The weed had a yellow flower with a huge seed head. Handling the weed meant a permanent noxious smell that only wears off with time. If you're allergic, [...]

Painters- Change the order for DOLLARS!

December 14th, 2014|Categories: Auto Refinish|

Let's face it...production painting is hard work. Why make it harder? Getting cars done is all about the order and number of operations My name is Tim Briggs. I have been standing and watching paint shops across North America run for years. I've come to realize that getting cars done [...]