Replace Your Windows With Doors

Replace your windows with doors. I’m a Rabid Chick Fil A fan. My wife started her Career there at the home office so I’ve watched this company grow into its own skin. Truett Cathy was a visionary. The business and the people are hyper-focused on customer service. Which leads me to my story; replace your [...]

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Keep It Simple

Process is a lot like a Rooster. One can draw a diagram of how to lay an egg, but the rooster isn't equipped or even interested in executing on your command. It's easy to dream up a set of circumstances where the problem at hand will be completely solved forever. The challenge is what lies [...]

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The Cost Of Deadly Dust

What price will you pay? by Tim Briggs CollisionEdge.com Collision Edge is committed to solving problems for the Collision Repair Market. Visit our websitewww.collisionedge.com Body Shops are dirty places, but they don't necessarily have to be. In a day when body shop margins are having the life squeezed out of them, it's extremely important to [...]

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Don’t throw your money away, improve material profit!

Today we will review a few simple steps to reduce paint waste and improve profits. There are many factors that contribute to paint and material waste. We will briefly cover equipment, product, and process in an effort to give you key actionable items that will assist you in quickly identifying areas where your shop can [...]

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Why I started Collision Edge!

      Hello, My name is Tim Briggs. My wife and I founded Collision Edge to seek out and solve problems for customers. This blog is an attempt to continue my work in a public way. Please feel to comment and share all you want; all Ill take from this is the satisfaction of [...]

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