New Solutions To Old Problems, A Mayo Bottle

Tim Briggs, owner of Collision Edge. We are dedicated to the success of our customers. Putting it simply, we find new solutions to old problems. Over the course of the last 20 years of watching techs work, we’ve witnessed inefficiencies and drawn inspiration from unlikely sources. Today’s story is no different. The Problem The Collision [...]

The Cost Of Deadly Dust

What price will you pay? by Tim Briggs Collision Edge is committed to solving problems for the Collision Repair Market. Visit our Body Shops are dirty places, but they don't necessarily have to be. In a day when body shop margins are having the life squeezed out of them, it's extremely important to [...]

Painters- Change the order for DOLLARS!

Let's face it...production painting is hard work. Why make it harder? Getting cars done is all about the order and number of operations My name is Tim Briggs. I have been standing and watching paint shops across North America run for years. I've come to realize that getting cars done is all about the order [...]