Transform Your Business with Google.

Transform your business with Google!

Come explore mind blowing opportunities to transform your business with the Google Suite of services. Chances are you probably already have them at your fingertips!  It is time for Body Shops to step out of the Stone Ages. Here is the story of my journey and a few Free Tools that will instantly change your Body Shop.

The Problem

8 years ago…There I sat in another Paint Company Productivity Class listening to the instructor talk about the importance of Communication in a Body Shop. The class reviewed “Magnetic Production Boards” with “little car cut outs” and “a lot of talk” about spreadsheets and the numbers that were vital that shops understand.

Immediately I started building a spreadsheet to help customers keep up with cars, numbers and customer information.

I emailed the sheet to one of my favorite customers and he began to use it. Everything was great until I walked into the shop and saw printed versions of my sheet lying everywhere with notes scribbled on them. The Office Manager glared at me because she was responsible now to write all the notes in the spreadsheet and reprint them twice a day to keep everyone updated.

Disgusted at my failure, I left the shop deflated.  “They just need a management system”, I thought.  Being from a small town south of Atlanta, many of my customers were not  big enough to afford a fancy management system and had no intention of getting one. Meanwhile, other customers had systems they could not figure out because of all the “Rules and Intricacies” common in mature software platforms.

The Solution

Then it happened, I received the first email invite to “be Shared on” a Google Sheet. The link opened to what appeared to be a simple version of an Excel spreadsheet. At first glance I laughed because many of the features didn’t seem as robust as good old Microsoft Excel. Then I realized that the sheet could be edited by over 50 people at the same time and there was no save button because it was LIVE and ABSOLUTELY FREE.  Transform your business with Google!

Over time I developed This Google Sheet that was quickly implemented by many of my customers. Download a copy for yourself today, email me if you need help.

Collision Edge Production Board

Collision Edge Production Board

Here is a video we shot on how to use the tool. Feel free to customize your version!

You may have seen another sheet we recently released to aide your shop in managing items that need to be maintained.  This link will take you to the Collision Edge My Maintenance Tracker.

My Maintenance Tracker

Download this free Maintenance Tracker tool!

What is Next?

Google does not stop here. There is a lot more to unpack in later chapters, so follow our post!

Your Gmail account has tons of other services attached to it and Google offers plan to suit any sized business. Their service starts as a free email and allows you to upgrade to the features you need as time goes on. Its easy to convert Your business email to a Google Email as well. is my email address. This address is a google address that I pay for that gives me access to tons of programs and services.

Stay Tuned for more Google Tours from Collision Edge! Up Next “Photo Management in Google Drive”

Visit us on the web for more Photo solutions!

The Dent Viewer MD

New! The Dent Viewer MD

Before The Dent Viewer

After The Dent Viewer

The Dent Viewer Uses a proprietary process to print on Light Reflective Film. It works great with your camera Flash!

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