SPECIAL ITEM – The Dent Viewer plus The Estimating Kit

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The Limited Special Estimating Package #1 includes:

  • The Dent Viewer™
  • The Estimating Kit
    • The Blend Stick™
    • 12″ Straight Edge
    • 13″ x 9″ Square Dent Sizer
    • 22″ Estimating Stick


Sale $99.99  (Retail $115)

It can be difficult to accurately capture panel damage, especially when the damage is minor. The Dent Viewer™ is a photo aid that will assist body shops in documenting even the slightest damage to a panel. Many times photos will not justify the actual time it takes to complete a repair. The Dent Viewer™ captures 100% of damage 100% of the time. Even the slightest dents and rolls are easily visible in photos when body shops use this tool. The board is constructed of weatherproof PVC. The grid is printed on a reflective backing that grabs the camera flash and illuminates the grid onto the damaged panel

The Blend Stick™ – There are times when it is difficult to explain the need to blend adjacent panels to customers and insurance companies. The Blend Stick™ is designed to guide estimators and Insurers through the process of properly assigning blend times to collision repairs. The stick has calculations to aide estimators in properly sizing the final repair area and determining if there is sufficient room left to blend within the damaged panel. This tool will set a standard for shops and insurers to fairly and accurately assign blend times to all repairs. 12″ Straight Edge and 13″ x 9″ Square Dent Sizers – Properly demonstrating the size of damaged areas through photographs is not always easy. The Dent Sizer™ is designed to give scale to photos to accurately represent subjective damage. 22″ Estimating Stick – It is difficult to remember the exact location of emblems and decals. Technicians waste countless hours looking for estimators to find locations for these items. The Estimating stick™ is designed to assist in photo locating these items to speed production and return the vehicle to its exact pre-accident condition.




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Weight 17.28 oz
Dimensions 13.5 × 12 × 3 in


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