RTI Compressor Selection Guide

We have searched for a Compressor Selection Guide for years as a resource to give our customers related to Choosing the right compressor for their Collision Center.  Reading technologies has published the RTI Compressor Selection Guide below that we believe you will find helpful. Pay special attention to the volume of air your shop needs and the power that is available in your building. 3 Phase compressors will cost less to operate and far outlast their single phase counterparts.

The RTI Selection Guide outlines 2 basic types of compressor, Screw Compressors and Reciprocating Compressors. Screw Compressors are quiet and produce a slightly larger volume of air per horse power. They must be to maintained religiously or they will fail. They also do not do well when they cycle on and off frequently. Most have modes that will allow them to idle, if yours does we recommend you set them to do so. Reciprocating compressors pump air much like a car engine. They need to be maintained, but are more forgiving than a screw compressor when not maintained well. Considering Cost and maintenance factors, the average shop with less than 10 technicians probably should lean toward a reciprocating compressor.

When selecting a Compressor, you definitely get what you pay for. It can be very tempting to “Go cheap” with the thought that you can always buy another compressor later. When your air fails your bushiness is dead in the water. Think about the true cost of not being able to repair cars and make that a part of your budgeting decision. An air system that is properly set up will offer long term hassle free service. We like Reading Technologies because their customer service is second to none. If you do business with these guys, you’ll always have a compressor expert a phone call away.

We hope you find the RTI Selection guide helpful as you search for the right Compressor for your specific air needs.

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